Monday, November 13, 2006

I just got back from spending the holiday weekend in Michigan, and I have discovered another not-right sounding word for people from that state.

Previous terms I had heard were: But when we drove past the UMich student publications building, I discovered that their yearbook is "The Michiganenian." The what now? Too many syllables. I have no idea if it is just attending their august institution that confers these extra syllables, or if it meant for all the denizens of the state, but I still don't think they have a winner yet.

I am glad I am from a state that has a simpler name to adjectivize. North Carolina -> North Carolinian. Easy. Yay!

Now we just have to come up with an adjectival form of our country name that doesn't insult all the other countries also located on the American continents, and I'll be golden.

Hey - I just happen to know that you could also be considered a North Carolingian, named after a the long line of Kings founded by Charlemagne...
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