Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another Mixed World English
Now joining the ranks of Spanglish, Engrish, Chinglish, and Konglish, among others, the BBC presents Hinglish. The article is no real revelation for anyone who has, say, seen "Bend it Like Beckham," or perhaps even talked to a real live Indian-British-type person. But it offers some amusement nonetheless, such as:
The exporting of words into English has also caught the attention of the south Asian media, with the Times of India reporting: "Brand India has shaken, stirred and otherwise Bangalored the world's consciousness." Yes, "to Bangalore" is another Hinglishism, meaning to send overseas, as in call centres.
And they interviewed the author of the Hinglish dictionary just recently published, who made a point of bringing up the idea that language change and mixing is not a thing to be feared, (an important point here in the US, where at least one politician in my area tried to run on an English-only, anti-immigrant platform.)
"There might be puritans in any culture who say you can only be the master of one language, and that you shouldn't try to cross two languages. But do we only have one fixed identity? I don't think so, I think we can step in and out of different identities - and we can do the same with languages."
For those interested in the book, it is The Queen's Hinglish: How to Speak Pukka.

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