Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Curse of the Geek
I am cursed by intellectual curiosity. There are just too many things I want to know about, and I am finding all of a sudden that even though I have more truly free time now than possibly ever before, I can't concentrate on one thing at a time for long enough to learn all I want. It occurred to me today that part of the reason I like taking actual classes is because then I have someone else responsible for guiding my interest and breaking up the information into more bite-sized chunks over a period of time. Maybe I should try to assign myself a-chapter-a-night kinds of homework assignments, but I can't quite bring myself to that yet. It's too easy, and too much fun, to have the luxury of being easily distracted. My brain has descended into a kind of joyous chaos, which I'd enjoy more if it didn't whirl around all the time and keep me awake when I'm trying to responsibly fall asleep.

In the past couple of weeks, these are the things that have caught my attention to pursue, research, and drool over books about: None of this really touches on the fiction I've been reading, either. I'm hopeless. I spent some time this weekend putting away books that I had pulled out at various points over the past several months, and yet, when I look up from where I'm currently sitting on the couch, I can count three separate piles of books, all of things I either intended to read, or did read and need to return to people, or am in the process of reading.

Plus, this month's National Geographic came yesterday, and it's all about the importance of national parks. And it has a mini-article about the resurgence of the atlatl, in which they quote my old anthro professor at Grinnell, John Whittaker, who, you will note, started the world's first collegiate atlatl team. Yes, I do own an atlatl that I made at his house. I am a giant nerd. But I am now only two steps removed from a National Geographic article, so there.

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