Friday, August 11, 2006

Parking Garage Numbers In Many Languages
Earlier this week, as well as over the weekend, I was in Michigan for a wedding. I went out to dinner in downtown Ann Arbor, and when we were returning to the car in the parking garage, I saw a plaque showing the numerals 1-7 in modern Arabic, Egyptian, Mayan, Roman, Ancient Chinese, Ethiopian script, and Hindu. (At least, according to the sign. I'm not sure what makes the Chinese "ancient," since as far as I know from both my modern Chinese and Japanese classes, they're still in use.)

The bottom of the plaque proclaims,
The numerals shown here belong to vastly different regions and historical eras. Chosen for their beauty, variety, and interest, they represent the infinite capacity of the human race to devise, to acheive, to create.
Gotta love a university town. And yes, each level of the parking garage was numbered in each of the listed languages. It made me smile.

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