Thursday, August 24, 2006

Additions, Subtractions, Shiny Distractions
As my no doubt utterly devoted and extremely observant, some might even say obsessive, readers have already noted, I've done some housekeeping on my sidebar. It had gotten rather dusty over there amongst the links, so I blew away the poor blogs that hadn't been updated in more than a year. I also added some new things...

Amongst the blogs of people I actually know, I added Jennie's Biblio File. She's currently working as a children's/young adult librarian near DC, and uses this blog as a listing for various things she's reading, mostly for work, but if you want to know what interesting books are coming out for the young peoples right now, she'll hook you up. Also, Derksen finally got a blog. Go look, he's wordy! And having adventures with the wildlife around his new digs in Florida, apparently.

The newest linguistics blog is Hanzi Smatter, which isn't really new, so much as has been in a queue to be added for a while. Yay, silly people who get tattoos in foreign languages they don't actually speak (or rather, read), from tattoo artists who don't speak those languages either! You provide amusement for us all.

In the "interesting" category, also something that should have been posted long ago, I added MC Frontalot. Nerdcore hiphop! Need I say more? Well, in case I must, he has songs covering everything from Star Wars conventions gone wrong to the sale of the Muppets to a German company to criticism of the current presidential administration. Oh yes, and a celebration of the architectural acheivements of various types of bridges.

Soon to come... More Shiny Distractions! but I'm out of time right now...


Nevermind. I can see it there now. I just never actually think of it as "
begin rant", even though that is how I at one point titled it.

Please feel free to delete both of these myopic comments.

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