Sunday, June 04, 2006

Halloween in June
Today I went to a neighborhood bagel place for lunch with my dad. As we sat down, I noticed that one of the women behind him was dressed in a skirt, blouse, and jacket of matching leopard print design. Then I noticed her shoes matched, too, which was kind of impressive. And then I noticed she had a matching tail attached to her rear end. Neither of the other people with her were in costume. They never said anything about it in their conversation, though at one point the leopard woman did proclaim that she was feeling so relaxed with her current life that she felt like she was in Jamaica. I never did figure that one out.

A few minutes later, a young woman from the private women's college across the street walked in in full sports practice horse-riding gear.

If I hadn't been sure it was June, I might have been confused. As it was, it made for a much more interesting lunch than expected.

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