Saturday, April 08, 2006

Who wants to live forever?
I will never die. At least, according to this article from the BBC, I won't. As the opening paragraphs state:
Scientists have found tangible signs that a low-calorie diet could reverse signs of ageing in the body.

A six-month study showed cutting calories lowered insulin levels and core body temperatures.
Given that I often have to count calories to ensure I've broken 1000 for the day, and that it is a well-attested fact that my extremities are pretty much always cold*, I'm practically this theory's poster child. Of course, I haven't lived to be 250 yet, so I suppose it still remains to be seen.

*As a travel note, cold hands can be a useful travel accessory. In China, where is was approximately 4 billion degrees every day (or at least hovering between 95-100F all the time), it was discovered that giving me a frozen water bottle to hold between my hands, and then getting said hands put on the back of one's neck, was a more effective cooling strategy than just putting the water bottle directly on the neck. Presumably, this is because my hand could mold to the curve of the neck better than the water bottle. I was all in favor because it meant people kept giving me the coldest water bottles.

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