Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Day That I Got Asked Out in the Post Office
(titling convention stolen from Amanda at Everyday Evidence)

Who knew tax time could be so enticing? This morning, I had to get up early to go get my taxes done. (No, I did not do them myself; I'm being taxed in 2 states and 3 separate tax areas. It is totally worth my hard earned money to have someone else earn theirs doing my taxes for me.) Anyway, I then drove to my office, which is conveniently right next to the post office. I am in there multiple times a week, mailing stuff for work. I know all the employees by sight, and some by name. It is never an eventful experience, unless the cranky employee yells at someone. No one ever talks to me.

Today, though, today I hear a voice behind me asking me where I got my coat. Now, I grant you, I think it is a pretty spiffy coat, too, which is why I bought it from the men's side of the downtown Sendai Uniqlo when I lived in Japan, but I never thought of it as a conversation starter.

Guy: Wow, where'd you get that jacket?
Me: Um, Japan.
Guy: Really? I was wondering if you'd gotten it at the Great Outdoor Provision Co. over there. *gestures at the shopping center across the street*
Me: Nope. In Japan.
Guy: Cool. I've got a kind of furry vest like that. It's really warm, when I'm out hiking and stuff.

Etc., etc. I also learned that he likes the Appalachian Mountains, lived in California for 10 years, (where they also have mountains,) and that he owns a business doing custom furniture design. Then I got called up to the desk to mail off my taxes.

He got done sending off his mail first, though, and was waiting for me by the door. He asked me out for coffee; I said I was busy. He asked for my number; I told him I wasn't available. He said that was okay, he had to try, because it's not every day he meets a girl in hiking boots and an interest in travel.

This is the first time anyone has ever just randomly asked me out. It was a very odd experience. Now I'm kind of inclined to look at the post office funny.

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