Monday, February 06, 2006

My friend Will has introduced me to a fabulous new word, "disemvoweling." As this Wikipedia entry explains, it is a process used to discourage troll postings on forums and in comments.
Disemvoweling (also spelled disemvowelling) is a technique used by forum moderators to suppress trolling, vandalism, and other rude behavior in online discourse by removing all the vowels from the offending material. The disemvoweled text can still be read, or rather puzzled out, but it is clearly marked as deprecated and is no longer susceptible to being automatically read by every passer-by who happens to glance at it.
Personally, I haven't many opportunities to use this word, but it makes me happy knowing it's out there, so I must spread it further, in the hopes that it will be used by those who can.

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