Monday, December 26, 2005

Seasonally (A)musing
Some thoughts from other people on the Christmas season that have amused me.

Neil, The Ethical Werewolf, offers this cross-religious observation on the traditional Christmas story:
Does anyone know exactly where the Three Kings were from? If I ever move into a religious community that does nativity plays or some such, I'll try to get a part as the Frankincense guy. I like the idea that a Hindu showed up at the Nativity and was like, "Hey, it's another God! Good thing I'm a polytheist! Man, ain't he the spitting image of the baby Krishna. Here, let me light some incense. Om."

Also, we had Meg Barnhouse as a guest minister at our UU fellowship a few weeks ago, who offered up her thoughts on the so-called "War on Christmas":
I don't believe in a personal devil, but if I did, I couldn't think of a better way for the devil to thwart the work of good Christians, preventing them from helping their fellow man and following the example of Rabbi Jesus, than to direct their collective attention to battling the war on Christmas, gay marriage, and deciding who gets to have sex with whom and when. So the next time you see one of those people talking about the War on Christmas, you just walk up to them and tell them, "The devil is using you!"*
*Please note that this phrase is best said with a South Carolina accent.

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