Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The News
Right. Inadvertantly been a while since I was last able to post. The past month of life has been rather eventful. After the not-so-triumphant return from Taiwan, I spent about 2 months looking for a job, and 'round about the beginning of October, I got one. Yay! What's even better is it's a job I actually like and feel is worthwhile. I am now the assistant manager of the Autism Society of North Carolina's bookstore. As it turns out, ASNC is rather awesome in the realm of autism societies, because even though most states in the US have their own, ours is larger (by several times) than the Autism Society of America. This allows our bookstore to be really big and keep growing, which in turn allowed me to be hired. Whoo-hoo!

I'm really enjoying the job. I've always been interested in autism, thanks to my mother taking me to work with her from a very young age, plus, there are books! Part of my duties actually requires me to read, you know, so I can familiarize myself with our stock and be able to answer people's questions. Gee, darn. I also get to package shipments to send out all over the US and the world. I'm starting to recognize states by their zip codes, which is just a little bit strange. I'm enjoying the combination of set, semi-physical tasks and intellectual pursuits. There's also the added benefit of this being a real, actual job, not related to teaching or grad school, so the only thing that can follow me home is the reading that I'm mostly doing for fun anyway.

Of course, now that I finally have employment, I can have housing again as well. Much to my parents' relief, I have gotten all of my boxes of books, etc. out of the storage building behind our house, though I do still have some things inside the house that haven't made the trip to my new apartment yet. The apartment isn't in a very final state yet, but I'm working on it slowly. No deadlines, no pressure. I may recover from grad school after all.

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