Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I know that this is not a particularly good time to do this, especially since I'm a guest for an online blogging workshop right now, but I'm going to stop blogging for the time being. I feel the need to live inside my own head for a while.

I started blogging because I felt like it made me notice more things and take more of an interest in my own life, and I was interested in sharing that. But right now, I only blog because I feel an obligation to others, not to myself. I've actually started to regret having comments on here at all, because they make me really care about whether anyone is reading what I write. I'm not writing for myself anymore, and that bothers me.

So I've declared a moratorium on public modes of communication. Until I'm comfortable with myself again, I'm only going to be writing things that I can see. I want to stop feeling like I'm always trying to pull my life back together from the fraying edges, (which isn't really a problem with blogging, but it's not helping right now.)

Ciao, and contact via email if you wish.

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