Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Students Blogging on Their Own!
It finally happened! I actually have 3 students continuing to blog on their own. They are my 3 best bloggers from the two semesters that I've used blogs with my class.

First is Hans, from last year's Level 2 class. He sent me a Christmas email, lamenting that he didn't practice his English as much since he went back to Korea, so I replied that he could always keep writing on his blog. Yesterday, he updated it! Check him out at Han's the showtime...

Next is Meg, who I have advertised a lot this semester. She's a grad student in nutrition, and I think she may well skip out of English classes and into academic study next semester. If you read her blog, leave her some comments so she feels encouraged to keep it up. She's one of the best ESL bloggers, or really any kind of blogger, that I know. World Traveler

And third is Takashi, who is unfortunately going back to Japan after this one semester. He has done an amazing job improving his English, and said he actually enjoyed writing his blog, so he plans to keep it up when he returns to Japan. He did note that he'd have to change the title, but right now it's Takashi in America. He's in NY on vacation right now, so he might not write again until he's back in Japan in a week or two, but I'm looking forward to it.


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