Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Stress Tally
For those trying to keep track, here are my current reasons for not having a very cheerful or interesting blog of late. I promise to try to change.
  1. teaching a motivational black hole at MSU

  2. working two teaching jobs at two separate institutions, yet on many of the same days

  3. Semantics research paper due before Thanksgiving

  4. Research Methods research project due at the end of the semester; not yet started even collecting data, let alone analyzing it or writing a paper about it

  5. Michigan weather

  6. my apartment is entirely too cold now that winter is coming, and I can't seem to fix it

  7. every time I finish one thing, there is something else I need to do right away

  8. I'm tired of being tired

  9. past relationships take a long time to stop being painful

  10. no vacations in fall semester except 2 days at Thanksgiving

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