Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Come Work for Uncle
I, or rather, Lee had an amusing cultural encounter this weekend. I finally took Lee to the only Chinese restaurant I know in E. Lansing which I also know for sure is owned and run by Chinese people. The husband, who works the counter, almost immediately asked Lee if he was Chinese, and did he speak Cantonese or Mandarin, whereupon he immediately switched out of English. He was apparently so pleased to be able to speak Chinese with a customer that he gave us free drinks, and when our meal was ready to go, (apparently) told Lee if he was going to be in E. Lansing often, he should come back and "help out Uncle." While Lee did conclude that the food is still basically Americanized Chinese food, he was both amused and full at the end of the evening.

So once again, we find evidence that knowledge of a foreign language is profitable. You can't turn down free drinks.

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