Monday, October 25, 2004

The Joys of Technology and Excessive Busy-ness
Thanks to my DSL provider, my computer’s ablity to recognize my wireless card has now been disabled. Seeing as I now spend a ridiculous amount of time out of the house, this has greatly reduced my convenience in accessing the internet. This does not please me. What, I ask you, is the point of having a laptop, if I can’t use it outside of my own house, unattached from a leash? Oh, for the loss of my old home network. Life has lost many conveniences of late.

In any case, I realize I am running behind, so I am now resorting to keeping a text file that I will post from whenever it becomes convenient. I should have done this sooner, but I kept hoping I would get the problem sorted out. Oh, well.*

The reason I have been spending so little time in my own house lately is insane busy-ness. It seems like this semester should have less to take up my time, logically, but instead, it seems more busy than ever. I’m not exactly falling behind in any work, but every time I finish one thing, there’s something else to do.

This past week, it was time for mid-terms, which of course means lots of preparation and finishing up. This would have meant that my Thursday and Friday were fairly undemanding, as far as my classroom presence was required, which should have also meant they were more relaxed. However, Thursday is when the community college called me to confirm that I was teaching a class, and could I come in and sign all the necessary papers? I taught my first class there immediately after finishing the mid-term with my MSU students. The extra money will be very nice, but my free time is even further diminished.

I do think that teaching at LCC will be fun. As I said, I taught my first class there on Friday. The class is a lower level grammar class, and I only have 6 students, but they are each from a different country! Really! Only one Korean student; the others are from Mali, Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Oman. Of course, there’s also a huge division in levels in the class, with two definitely beginning level students, and everyone else fairly solidly intermediate, so that’ll be a challenge to deal with, but hopefully it’ll be okay.

*Note: This may be fixed now, many thanks to Russ at work. I will cross my fingers.

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