Friday, October 15, 2004

Good Friday
Today is a good day, for several reasons.
  1. It's Friday! That is always a good thing.

  2. My parents are here! They got here yesterday afternoon, bringing with them my bedframe, fun schlock books, my beautiful handmade quilt, and a sewing machine. Also, my mother brought me all the research materials I need to write my Semantics paper at the end of the semester. This puts me so far ahead of all my classmates, I almost feel guilty, (but not quite).

  3. I have a second teaching job! Lansing Community College finally called me back and said they were trying to get a class that fits in with my other teaching and taking classes.

  4. I have a very fun lesson plan in mind for Monday. It necessitated me buying a copy of a Daredevil comic book, to give a sneak peek.
It may be rainy and gray outside, but I don't care. Happy Friday!

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