Monday, June 07, 2004

Amusement and Horror at Pizza Hut
Obvious context: Mark and I went out to dinner tonight at Pizza Hut.

Amusement: When we sat down at the table, we had the kiddie placemats, and after we did all of the activities, I noticed that we had each sat on the side of the table with the thematically appropriate mat. Mark had Techno Trivia, while I had Around the World Mania. Mark laughed at us both because neither of us would put crayon to paper for the mazes until we were sure we had already figured out the route.

Horror: When we walked in, there was a bulletin board for all the kids participating in the Pizza Hut "Read It" literacy drive. The banner at the top said "Congradulations ReadIt [something or other]!" Let me repeat: It said "Congradulations" on a literacy billboard.


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