Friday, May 14, 2004

Headed South
That's it! Tomorrow, I am off back to where I belong. Yay, back to the East Coast, where we have both ocean and mountains and people talk normal. Back to North Carolina, to see my family and make the annual pilgrimage to the beach. The beach, after all, is where I must go to know I am on vacation. I plan to revel in weather the way it is meant to be in May, read lots of books, perhaps revisit some old allergies (but hopefully not,) and continue the ongoing project of convincing Mark that vacations to other places, especially Nags Head, are good things. I will also get to eat my grandmother's Sunday dinner the day after we get there, and see my friend Melanie get married the day before we leave. Yay, vacation time!

(This is by way of saying that blogging will be light, and I will not be sorry. See y'all, whoever you may be, in a week.)

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