Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Hasty Link Post
I have stuff to say, but no time to type it up, as it is the last week of classes and I need to grade stacks of final essays and final exams and then tabulate all the grades to turn in on Monday, oh, and I get to proctor another funfunfun MSUELT exam on Friday at 8am, my most favoritest way to start the day. ("Please make sure you are using the blue side of your answer sheet. Make sure you fill in the circles completely. Do not blatantly cheat off the person next to you.") So instead, people get a cheap post of links to entertain.

First an Important Announcement for all members of my family and other ice cream addicts out there:
Today is Free Scoop Night at Baskin Robbins, from 6-10pm! Every free scoop given away also give a donation to a literacy campaign. Yay!

How to curse around the world.

John McWhorter gives the most hilarious analysis of the linguistic functions of the word "yo" ever.

Firewire Dino hub. Doesn't bite. Rarely eats. You must read the disclaimers.

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