Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Public Service Announcement
In case there are any people reading this who don't know yet, if you get email telling you your email account is being shut down unless you follow the instructions in the attachment, DELETE IT. It's a virus. Hopefully, this will be obvious to everyone, and your email virus software will catch it anyway, but it will come as an email appearing to be from the administrator of your email provider, no matter what that provider is. I had two in my Yahoo account this morning, and have since gotten 3 on my MSU account. They all have the same text, regardless of what address they claim to be from. And just in case that isn't enough evidence, let me just say that while some people in IT may not be able to spell, they do at least know better than to call an attachment an "attach." As an ESL teacher, I was not impressed with these hackers' language abilities.

The Cutest Digital Asian Man Ever
Speaking of hackers and other people who need to be beaten, if you need to get some anger out, you can always try playing Jet Li's Rise to Honor. You can learn Chinese! And if you already know Chinese, you can just turn off the subtitles and listen to the dialogue, truly voiced by Jet Li. Even his punching noises are voiced by him. How do I know? Because we watched the special features about how they made the game first, of course. It was all done with Jet Li and a bunch of other spiffy people, all under the direction of Corey Yuen, who has been the martial arts choreographer for nearly every Jet Li movie in the US. They all got to wear motion capture suits and spend all day having fun with wires and weapons and pads and just moving around. It's like every martial arts student's dream. Oh, and Jet Li's really cute.

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