Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Another Reason to Hate the Big 10
Okay, it was kind of annoying when they repeatedly pre-empted West Wing for televised Big 10 basketball, but hey, I shouldn't be watching TV anyway. I could deal with it. But now they have to take up ALL the parking at MSU. All the non-card entry lots. On weeknights. When I have to go to class.

I'm from North Carolina, so it's not like I am unused to fervent basketball fans. However, what little interest in basketball growing up in NC managed to instill in me applies only to the ACC, not to the Big 10. I do not care one tiny bit about this conference. And thus, my good humor and tolerance for people trying to charge me $7 to park just so I can go to my friggin' grad school evening classes is non-existent. So for all you MSU event parking attendants out there, don't try to stop me from parking in my graduate assistant space just so some stupid basketball fan can park there. The basketball fan can walk from his dorm. *I* have to go to CLASS, which is what the university is THERE for.

Also, I would appreciate it if you would not block the exit side of the parking lot driveway so you can charge the people coming in, as I would like to get out, go home, and leave all you idiots behind.

I hope Duke beats you all. (For those of you not from Raleigh, that's an insult. Traditionally, I am "anyone but Duke.")

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