Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Snow Day
It occurred to me while I was driving home in the snow today that there is a reason that people from the south have such a greater appreciation of snow than native Michiganers. It's because we actually got snow days when it snowed this much. Sure, all the public schools were closed around here today, but the university wasn't, and all the adults were still on the road heading to work. People in Michigan learn too early to take snow for granted. I say, when the public schools are closed for the day, the university should be too! And people shouldn't have to go to work! We should all get to stay home and watch the snow. People in North Carolina are sane, look at them. My mom stayed home yesterday and today.

There is so much snow coming down right now, it looks like I am inside a snowglobe. I have tea and reading and no class. This is how it is supposed to be on a snow day.

I decree right now that if I ever get tired of watching snow and spend more time complaining about it being on my car than I do jumping around being hyper about it, I will have lived in Michigan for too long.

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