Sunday, January 25, 2004

Running Away to Join the Circus
One of the advantages of living in Michigan is that we get Canadian television, too. And on the CBC, we can watch Cirque de Soleil's TV series Solstrom. Let me tell you, though, circus children are freaky. The kid who was performing on the aerial straps (basically, gymnastic rings without the rings attached) was only 16, and had more developed muscles than some weight lifters and more control over his body than any normal human being. And then of course there are the Water Meteors, freakily talented little Chinese children, and the contortionists who have no bones but are unbelievably strong, and..., well, if you ever wanted to run away and join the circus, you have to wonder now if you'd ever make it. I'm sure I wouldn't. But I can appreciate Cirque, along with the rest of the amazed world. Yay, Canadian TV!

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