Friday, January 30, 2004

Radio Musings
Every Friday when I am driving to karate, it's time for the "Top 5 At 5" on MSU's alt station, The Impact. For about the past month and a half, the song "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness has been playing. It has been described as a return to classic 80s hair rock, and it is so true. There's just something in it that naturally makes one think of long hairsprayed hair, torn jeans, and spandex.

It also makes me think of my German friend, Jan, who has the largest collection of metal (music) that I have ever seen. While I was staying with him in Berlin, coming back from Japan the wrong way 'round the globe, he made me laugh by playing his ridiculous 80s spoof band CD, Absolute Steel. He also has their very tasteless poster hanging in his bathroom. I owe all of my vast and extensive (read: tiny and miniscule) knowledge of black metal to listening to him interview his friend/famous band singer on the speaker phone for some magazine he writes for. Unfortunately for me, he actually repeated naive and unlearned comments I had previously made about the lyrics, so now I shall never be taken seriously in the circles of metal fandom. Alas.

In any case, the thought occurs to me every time I hear that song, so hey, this one's for you, Jan.

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