Friday, January 23, 2004

My Own, My Precious...
When I was at Grinnell getting my Spanish degree, I had to watch a movie for one of my classes. It was sort of a buddy movie, about two girls hitching around Spain and finding odd jobs and strange places to live. One of them, though, wanted to settle down, while the other one had a lot of issues with her family and wanted to just keep moving around forever. Eventually, the first girl did settle down, and this fact was brought home to the moving girl by... an iron. Yes, an iron. Earlier in the movie, the two had talked about what home meant, and the settled girl defined it as the place where she would be able to do all of her ironing with her own iron, on her own ironing board. In the end, she was home.

So, in the interest of actually having a home, here are some things I once told myself I was going to have when I "grew up:"

1) enough bookshelves to see all of my books at once
2) a vacuum cleaner
3) a subscription to National Geographic

I've got the bookshelves, I've got the vacuum cleaner, and just today, I got my first issue of National Geographic. Thanks, Grandma! My very first impulse was to drop everything else I had in my hands and sit down to read all about Mars. It's fun to be a geek.

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