Sunday, January 25, 2004

More Directly From Japan
Literally just after I finished writing that last entry yesterday, we went out for an errand and checked the mail on the way. There, what did my wondering eyes behold, but a small package envelope from the wonderful Kamiyama-sensei! It contained my hanko (official name stamp/Japanese signature) and two more Kitty-chan danglies. Truly, the world of Kitty-chans is a bizarre and amusing place. This one (in two different colors) appears to be dressed like a small deer, with I swear what looks like a tiny monkey (or maybe a bear) sitting on her back. Mark was of course horrified, but they made me laugh. Kitty-chans are so ridiculous, how can anyone not laugh at them? Besides, the Japanese Hello Kitties are much more interesting than the American ones. When I went through my Sanrio phase in elementary school, I always liked Keroppi and Zashikibuta better, as well as the owl. It's strange to look at these characters and realize how long they've been around.

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