Wednesday, January 28, 2004

We have a new game in our house. It's like a real life version of "Where's Waldo?," except this time, it's with a monkey. A tiny, yellow, bendy, magnetic monkey, to be exact. The rules are that it can be hidden anywhere in the house, as long as it is conceivably in a place the other person will see it eventually. It makes me take more notice of my surroundings, but in a strange way that involves evaluating everything for its magnetic properties, and trying to figure out just where Mark's devious mind has decided I might look, only not too quickly. (The new rule is that when you find the monkey, you have to take a picture of it.)

So far, the monkey has been on the office closet door, in the clothes closet, the medicine cabinet, on a tea canister, on a lamp, next to the hallway nightlight, in the microwave, underneath the TV table... Where will the monkey be found next? It is, after all, my turn to find it.

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