Sunday, December 21, 2003

Holiday Elves
Yesterday was a rather holiday-ish day. I made the traditional Chex mix on my own for the very first time, and it turned out just as addictive as what my mommy makes. I did discover that next time I should separate the mix onto two baking sheets, because really, 9 cups of various Chexes is too much for one pan. I guess that's why the recipe calls for a roasting pan. Too bad we don't have one. Why is Chex mix so addictive? It is a good thing that I only eat it in large quantities once a year. Besides, if I ate it any other time, I think it would lose its magic, kind of like when I realized that Dairy Queen existed other places than the beach and I could eat Blizzards anytime I wanted to. It's not quite as special anymore.

Also, Mark and I win the prize for the most over-engineered present design and wrapping ever. (Yes, that is really the present. No, it is not fake or from the Twilight Zone. It is merely Photoshopped to remove the ugly carpeting for your viewing pleasure.) This is what happens when I have no access to years' worth of collected boxes. We must resort to creativity to disguise the presents, and then creativity in wrapping them, so they appear nearly seamless on all four sides of the pyramid. Don't you wish you knew what was inside?

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