Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Dwelling on Dwelling
"If we are all experiencing the world of sensory stimulation and overstimulation at different rates at different times in vastly different patterns, this information suggests that it is not just those with hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity wo are living 'in other worlds.' We must all, whether in subtle or dramatic ways, be experiencing very different lives even while sharing them."
-Patricia Stacey, The Boy Who Loved Windows

"I do not think anyone should be expected to defend the inner workings of their own mind to others. I become more and more convinced that telepathy would not work, as it seems more and more like everyone thinks on a slightly different wavelength, and we'd never be able to get them to match up. True communication is elusive; often the appearance of such is decieving. I think this true communication with others is a dream I may have to give up on. This is most unfortuate, as it has driven the majority of my pursuits in life, on one level or the other. I seem to be having to content myself an awful lot with the simple window dressings of communication lately, such as coherent, complete sentences, that nonetheless fall short of what I was trying to express."
-me, December 2001

"Thoughts on language: Actual spoken language is good for communicating hard, fast, establishable ideas, or even better, facts. It can state the obvious or the frivilous with comparative ease. Where is breaks down is in trying to convey the abstract, the emotional, the vague uncertainties of the depths of our brains where even we, the supposed operators of that mysterious and supremely personal organ, seldom delve. Perhaps it is a kind of giving up that I have turned to a manic study of foreign languages; I no longer concentrate on adequate expressing the inexpressable, but rather on facilitating the expression of the frivilously expressable as many ways as I can, since that is the most I can ever hope for."
-me, March 2002

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