Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Airfare to Europe is really cheap right now. (Flight and hotel in London, with tea and a £10 certificate to Harrod's included, approx. $350, anyone?) I know this because we were informed that tomorrow after class in the morning, our professor is off to Paris for the weekend to see her son, just because she can. Oh, but we should feel sorry for her, because she has a cold. I do not feel sorry. I play for her the world's smallest violin. She is going off to Paris for the rest of the week and weekend, while I am stuck here, teaching a class I am totally burned out on, forbidden by the university to ever, for any reason, cancel class.

Of course, this latest whimper-inducing discovery of marvelously cheap airfare to Europe when I can't take advantage of it is just the latest thing making me want to travel. There are so many places I want to go, so much I want to do. I only had one year to get used to the idea of having vacation time and money, but it seems that one year was long enough. I want to go back to Chile to refresh my Spanish and travel around to all those places I wanted to go but didn't. I want to see so much more of Europe, after my small, whirlwind taste of Lyon and Berlin. I want to see all those famous things I didn't get to see in China because of stupid SARS last year. I want to go to Australia and make my dad show me where he lived and here my brother tell stories from his wilderness experience there. I want to take the bus over the Andes again. I want to relive old travels and experience brand new ones. I want to live other places, feel like my life is interesting again, see things.

And I can't. And I'm frustrated. And it's annoying. Hmph.

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