Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Space, the Final Frontier
I had a really cool dream the other night. I was standing outside at night, looking up into the sky with some other people. It was some kind of eclipse-like event, except very different. I could see all the planets of the solar system, except for the two farthest, and all of them were close enough and big enough to see details of their surfaces, bigger than the moon. The sky was completely black, with stars shining brightly around the planets. Then a big wormhole appeared in the sky, erupting in a bluish rainbow of colors, and even in my dream, I was a big enough geek to think, "Hey, like at the beginning of Deep Space 9!" We all started trying to find out what had caused the wormhole appearance. It turned out that it was caused by some ship launching a nuclear weapon in space, but it was just a test. I can still remember the images of the sky. It was amazing.

Exercise While You Work
It's so nice to work for a college that cares about my health. They care so much, they shut down all the elevators* in my building so I can work out by climbing 7 flights of stairs. Our department feels so special, up there on the top floor of the building. We're feeling the burn, baby.

*To be fair, it's not really all the elevators, because that would violate the ADA. It's all the elevators but one, which takes forever, because so many people need to use it at the same time. They're in the process of "modernizing" the elevators, which really are rather, um, vintage in appearance and function.

That's Real?
I just saw a commercial for a product that made me laugh out loud. It's a sweatshirt with cuffs that are meant to worn like fingerless gloves when you go outside. It had a little thumb sleeve and extra-long cuffs to cover the rest of your fingers. When you go back inside, you fold the cuffs back to look like a regular sweatshirt. I just couldn't believe they were actually running an ad for it.

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