Thursday, November 06, 2003

I gots mad skillz, yo. Yesterday, all the TAs had to go to a 2.5-hour seminar on how to use technology. Really, it was meant to focus on how to make a webpage using Dreamweaver and Photoshop. We need to know how to do this so we can put up our online teaching portfolio by the end of the semester for the practicum class. Forgive me for being somewhat incredulous, but Dreamweaver and Photoshop are really easy to use, particularly when someone is standing there, telling you exactly what to do for each step. I was decreed to be the star pupil, because I never needed Carol, the tech person for the TESOL department, to fix anything for me during the seminar. Alissa was walking around, too, after being at the computer next to mine, and volunteered me to help anyone who was still confused later, when we actually start making our pages. It was all kind of silly, but hey, I got to come home early.

Given that this is the second or third time that I've explained technology to people or had someone think of me as a techie geek, I begin to suspect that I have absorbed more stuff by osmosis that I would think from working at EGarden, hanging out with all my CS friends, and living with Mark.

I have found a new route to work. Near the corner of the busy intersection where I always get stopped at the light, there is a small Japanese restaurant called "Udon Sushi Bakery." I find this somewhat alarming, as neither udon nor sushi are things one really wants to bake. I like it, however, because it has given me something to ponder every day at the stoplight.

On the weekend, though, I went to an actually good Japanese restaurant, named, appropriately, "Sushi-Ya." The waitress was entertaining because when she was taking our order, she was completely American in manner, speech, and laugh. When a couple of Japanese women came in, though, and spoke Japanese to her when she came to take their order, she morphed into Japanese-woman mode. Her voice went up in pitch, her hand gestures changed, and she put her hand in front of her mouth when she giggled (as opposed to laughed).

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