Tuesday, November 11, 2003

On My Planet
"Sometimes you are so much like me, it's scary. Other times, I wonder what planet you come from and whether they have ice cream there." - Mark

Yes, Mark really did say that. Twice now. What did I do this time?

It's simple really. I finally got a cell phone, you see, and the other night, I put my Japanese keitai accessories back on it. Only 3 of them, not so much, really. I have my two Sendai Kitties, one that looks like a very small Tanabata decoration, and the one that is dressed like Date Masamune, and also the one from Fukushima dressed like a little red bull. No one will ever mistake my phone for theirs. I put my tiny kokeshi doll and the bell from my New Year's fortune on my keychain.

Mark cannot conceive of how anyone could want little dangly things with bells on their phone, or really on anything. They make me smile, however. My poor phone, though. American cell phones have a ways to go before they are as spiffy as the ones in Japan, not to mention as cheap. But I *do* have a cell phone now with ridiculous amounts of minutes per month. If only those minutes worked internationally.

Anyhow, I'm having fun, and if you want a phone call, let me know.

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