Monday, November 03, 2003

Halloween Party
Saturday was such a busy day, I'm not done writing about it yet. After the bulk of the day was spent at the Pow Wow, I had to go home and get ready for Alissa's (day after) Halloween party. I ended up going as La Femme Nikita, in combat boots and a short (for me) skirt. Mark was my back-up mook. At the party, I finally met Amy's boyfriend, a Filipino guy named Happy, or at least that's how he is referred to and introduced. They were dressed as a Guatemalan couple, which was all Amy's doing, as Happy joined British Nigel in declaring he didn't really "get" Halloween. He's very nice, though. Also attending the party was a very convincing devil, a she-devil with a very shiny cape, a well-dressed female ghoul, a gypsy, and a "child" in pajamas with a teddy bear and flashlight. My favorite costumes, though, were Matthew in his UAE native dress from his 3 years living there, winning the most authentic costume; and Pat dressed as a thug teenage boy, actually modeled after one of my students, whom she had watched in fascination on the Bronner's trip as he constantly adjusted his hat to the perfect 45° angle. She even had a fake gold tooth. Alissa herself came in her true guise as a nature lover turned groundhog killer, in a very eclectic and divided outfit of woodland peace goddess on one side, gun-toting camo-babe on the other. There was much thematic food, as well. Bat-shaped veggies, finger-shaped bread sticks and chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks with almonds for fingernails, plastic fingers in the dip, hand-shaped ice cubes floating in the punch, eyeballs on the vegetable tray, pumpkin-shaped cheese... you get the idea. We decided to make our way home, though, when the evening wound down into watching "Spongebob Squarepants" on the Cartoon Network.

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