Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Coffee Break
Today was not my usual Wednesday, since I never got to go home in between the end of my morning class at 10 and the beginning of my next class at 4:30. Today, I had to meet with Heidi about looking for more data for our research project (there wasn't any), then we had a departmental meeting about end of semester testing, then Mark came to bring me lunch. I also popped 3 bags of popcorn, because at 1 I had to dash off to show my students "Mulan" for a fun optional follow-up to our recent lessons on gender roles. Mark came and joined us to watch after he finished his lunch, since his was, of course, much larger than mine, and consequently took longer to eat. My students, also of course, giggled when he got there.

After the movie, though, I had almost 2 hours to breathe. I walked over to Grand River and had coffee with Mark. It was the first time I'd been to Starbucks since I got back from Japan. If you were a addict of my life in Japan and are still reading, you certainly know I went there many, many times in Japan, even though I'd never been a big Starbucks fan in the US. Now, I have a lot of sentimental affection for the establishment.

It wasn't the same, though, as good as my peppermint mocha frappucino was. I didn't have any of my coffee girls with me. I think Starbucks and coffee will always mean Sharon, Danola, and Kristel to me. Miss you, chicas.

Afterward, Mark had to get back home to actually do work, and I wandered down Grand River, looking at all the little shops that I'd been thinking I should go into sometime, feeling kind of wistful. But it was a good afternoon.

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