Wednesday, October 15, 2003

It Matches the Couch
Mark and I have made our first true effort at home decoration. Truly, it changes the whole look of the living room. It makes quite a statement. A large statement. A bold statement. A statement loudly proclaiming, "Geeks live here."

Yes, it's true. One entire wall of our living room is now taken up by a gigantic map of the world, as seen here. Please note the hammer, held in my own lovely hand, offering real life scale. To see it with the rest of an actual human being for scale, see Mark. For those who like to know the exact details, it is 70" x 49".

The scale of the map itself is 1:20,000,000. It has time zone clocks across the top. It has every country in the world color coded and all cities are labeled in their native language, (although country names are still in English.) Soon, I will add little pins of all the places I've been. Heeheehee... I suspect I am having too much fun with this. It pleases me greatly.

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