Thursday, October 30, 2003

Food of the Gods...
Now with antioxidants!

While we were in Chicago, we kept seeing billboards and hearing radio ads for POM pomegranate juice, which is apparently the latest, greatest thing in the way of antioxidant-rich health crazes. If you do not live with my father or someone else heavily into vitamins and health supplements, you may have never heard of antioxidants. If not, and you are of an insatiably curious nature, click the link. If not, and you do not care, it's a supposedly wonderful healthy thing found in vitamins C & E, and in fruits and vegetables. Mm, mm, good.

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store. As we passed the organic/vegan/vegetarian section of the store, Mark paused and said, "I hate to admit it, but their advertising campaign has been effective. I'm curious about this stuff now." So we got some. Mark got straight pomegranate, and I got pomegranate-cherry.

Mark's conclusion: "It sure does taste... healthy."

My conclusion: I thought it was pretty good. It doesn't get all the seeds stuck in your teeth the way real pomegranates do, also.

Both of us agree it comes in a very spiffy bottle. I'm hoping we can find some plants that grow in water, so we could see the roots growing inside the bottle, and perhaps dye the water neat colors. Of course, neither of us is very good keeping plants alive, but we can always try. Our little tree thing, named Ferguson, has been alive for nearly 3 months now. He leans pitifully to one side and needs a bigger pot, but he's alive and still growing taller. Or sideways. Growing, at any rate. So we'll see. Maybe bamboo would work.

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