Sunday, October 12, 2003

Fall Colors
Today, I finally succeeded in prodding Mark enough to make him put on his rollerblades and skate to campus with me while I rode my bike. We spent the whole late afternoon there, on a picture taking expedition. It was a beautiful day, bright sun, just slightly fall-like temperatures, all the trees changing color, ducks swimming in the river, lots of other people out walking and taking pictures too. I took Mark across the bridge behind the administration building where he usually dropped me off when he drove me to work in inclement weather, so now he's actually seen the building I live/work in, as well as the actual TA office. I had fun showing him around, and it was an excellent day to just be wandering around campus.

After we took all the pictures we wanted to, we decided to have dinner on Grand River Ave., which is the main college strip. We ended up going to a cute little restaurant called "Flats," which does pseudo-Tex-Mex, has painted pressed tin ceiling tiles, and flashing Christmas lights. My grilled vegetables sandwich was very good, but I was disappointed that I didn't see they had Stewart's Key Lime Soda until after I had already ordered. I haven't tried it yet, but I like their Orange Cream. (I am also amazed, in googling for that image, how many places you can buy bottled beverages online and have them shipped to you. How odd.) After that, we went to Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream before heading home. They always have a huge line, so this is the first time we've successfully been there since my parents left me in Michigan.

But now, for your entertainment and delight, a presentation of pictures from today's expedition.

Me with my lovely bike, in front of Wells.

Wells Hall, with ivy.

My corner of the office.

The tree I see everyday crossing the bridge.

Crossing the bridge.

See the ducks?

Me with my bike, again. A good one, actually.

Looking down the river.

A tree with a pretty reflection.

And as a bonus, proof that Mark doesn't starve me, and what's more, takes pride in presentation. Pretty salads.

All the rest of the pictures, if you are so inclined, are here.

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