Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Positive Aspects
It's kind of been one of those days. Rather than complain about creeping insomnia, pedagogical theory differences with people above me, the suspicion I may have a cold, and the annoyance of biking into the wind, I will instead list some good things. Yes, I am thinking about that time in 6th grade when my mom made me think of one positive thing a day until I accumulated enough points to earn her buying me a book. I wish someone would buy me books as prizes now.

-I saw another black squirrel the other day, after not seeing any for weeks and weeks. Then someone else walked by and commented to his friend about how weird they were, kind of like everyone has the same thoughts upon seeing them.

-I made two long distance phone calls this week, both to good ends, and I have a phone date to talk to Danola in Japan this weekend.

-I got thanked by my excellent Latin American history prof, J. Pablo Silva, for telling him he is a great teacher. He just came back from a sabbatical year of research in Chile, and apparently is finding the return to Grinnell challenging. He changed the way I think about history, politics, economics, research, and paper writing. I wrote a 25-page bilingual research paper for his Latin America & the US seminar, and it is the thing I am the most proud to have written, ever.

-The ducks outside in the pond look really, really silly when they stick their butts up in the air and paddle around with their heads stuck under the water, looking for food.

-Mark said he had enough dinner ideas lined up that I don't have to worry about cooking for the rest of the week.

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