Sunday, September 28, 2003

Pillow Talk
5:20am, nice and dark outside, I'm sleeping peacefully...
Mark: Holy ****!
Me: What?!
Mark: Didn't you notice that? There's that person, you know, the kind of gatekeeper of the place where you want to get spells...
Me: Are you talking to me in your sleep?
Mark: *indignantly* No! I am trying to have a very coherent conversation with you!
Me: About spells?
Mark: Yes!
Me: I don't understand. I'm going back to sleep.

I think Mark has been playing too much Morrowind lately. If he tries to talk to me about spells in his sleep again, I am holding an intervention and sending him into gaming detox. He couldn't even elucidate for me what the heck he was trying to talk about, because all he remembers is making the insistent claim that he was being coherent. There will be no more making fun of me for talking in my sleep anymore.

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