Monday, September 29, 2003

A Good Driver
As Mark has so astutely put it, "The state of Michigan is utterly convinced that everybody should be allowed to operate a motor vehicle." I confirmed this last Friday by getting my Michigan driver's license. I'd kind of been putting it off, since my NC license is so pretty, good until 2005, and the last time I went by the Secretary of State's office, it was packed. Last Friday, though, I actually had time in the morning, before most people on their lunch hour packed in, and the health center turns out to be basically across the street. So I seized my opportunity, and braced myself for a long wait.

It was so easy. Really. I walked right up to the desk. The woman asked me what I had for ID. I produced my three pieces (having been tipped off by Heather that they would want at least 3, preferably passport, school ID, and past license.) The woman took them, gave me a piece of paper to sign, entered some things in the computer, asked me if I wanted to register to vote while I was at it, and handed me another piece of paper to sign for that. Then she tested my vision. This consisted of me reading the top line while looking in the machine, and then confirming whether I could see the flashing lights in my peripheral vision. Amazingly enough, I passed. Why don't these people ever let me read the bottom line? The top line is no fun. Anyway, then she got her supervisor to confirm my IDs, took my picture and my $13, and gave me a temporary until they mail me my new, shiny, official Michigan driver's license in the mail.

If this process isn't enough to make me feel secure driving in this state, I don't know what would. Such security. Such attention to detail. Such rigorous testing.

So don't I just feel like a permanent resident now. Oooh, special. It's still soda, though. Never pop. Never.

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