Sunday, September 07, 2003

Duck, Duck,... Duck
We have duckies in our backyard! Our apartment balcony looks out over the pond in the area behind all the apartments, where there's a little bridge, and a path and everything, and in the pond are ducks. For the past two days, we have greatly entertained ourselves by feeding the ducks, throwing them bits of the heels of our bread from the third story. It's great. We're pretty close to the edge of the pond, so we can get them to come out of the water to run after the bread, or sort of tumble down the slight slope of the bank towards the water if we throw the bread far enough. Ducks are really funny. Once they get the bread, they wag their tailfeathers. There's one dark-colored duck who chases the other ones with his beak open like he's trying to bite them if they get the bread before he does. They also sound like they're laughing when they get particularly worked up about something, and we can hear it through the open windows.

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