Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Begin Again
Okay, I admit it. I'm weak. I'm addicted to blogging now. For all that I have been rather annoyed with Blogger for a while, I haven't yet figured out the MSU webspace thing yet. Once I do, I'll probably move over there. In the meantime, you can look forward to at least the possibility of my being able to post pictures. (Please note: That is not a promise.)

But what, you may ask, has pushed me over the brink into getting a new blog tonight, when I should really be sleeping in preparation for my very long day of classes (8:45am-7:30pm) tomorrow? A squirrel.

A squirrel?!

Yes, a squirrel. You see, here in Michigan, the campus squirrels at MSU are not the nice soft gray ones of my native North Carolina, nor the oddly orange-tinged animals of Iowa's Grinnell College, but instead something entirely unexpected. They are black, you see. Completely, utterly, jet black. No other color to be found in their fur.

And it made me realize that I had to share, or at least record the memory. I had feared that my life after Japan would not be so easily bloggable. Instead, I find that I have become used to looking around me in daily life now, no matter where, and finding things of interest, both large and small, to file away and write about later. It has made me think differently. I found myself not taking as many pictures in Japan, and then in Europe, because I have become accustomed to recording my thought-images in words now.

So enjoy the squirrel. I have to sleep now.

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