Thursday, March 01, 2007

New and Interesting Dental Trivia
If I wanted to stretch and say that this post is relevant to the supposed linguistic focus of this blog, I'd point out that it has to do with teeth, which are important to speech as used in articulation, but the truth is, it's just interesting knowledge I picked up at the dentist office today, and I felt I should share, because who doesn't want random bits of trivia taking up brain space?

According to the dentist, your teeth should only touch for a combined total of 3 minutes, on average, in any 24 hour period, and the only times it is appropriate for your teeth to be touching are during talking, eating, and swallowing. All other times are due to tensing jaw muscles unnecessarily, which is causing undue wear on the teeth. So relax!

Also, there really is NO official dental rule about flossing before or after brushing. Just floss once a day. Really.

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