Sunday, April 10, 2005

Unitarian Jihad
The word must be spread far and wide!

Unitarian Jihad
Beware! Unless you people shut up and begin acting like grown-ups with brains enough to understand the difference between political belief and personal faith, the Unitarian Jihad will begin a series of terrorist-like actions. We will take over television studios, kidnap so-called commentators and broadcast calm, well-reasoned discussions of the issues of the day. We will not try for "balance" by hiring fruitcakes; we will try for balance by hiring non-ideologues who have carefully thought through the issues.

On a slightly more serious note, it did put me in mind of the NPR commentary I heard a few months ago on the actual meaning of the word "jihad": Rethinking the Word 'Jihad'

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Essence of Being Japanese
While I'm being sick and overly busy, I suggest you go read Mark Liberman's post on Language Log about the widespread attitude in Japan that Japanese is an impenetrably difficult language that only the Japanese can truly understand:

"The Japanese are Japanese because they speak Japanese"

Further Asian-based amusement can be found in the news of the past month or so:

Japanese breast-enhancing gum. Note that I can totally imagine the "B2Up!" commercial in my head.

Controversy sweeps the sumo world! Pants will be the downfall of us all, apparently.

Japan's virgin housewives turn to sex volunteers. Um, yeah.

And finally, only tangentially related, Alberto Fujimori has, from Japan, launched his comeback political campaign in Peru, with... his very own soft-drink company. Fuji-Cola: quenching the thirst of popular discontent.


Monday, April 04, 2005

Fair Warning
Not that this is any great surprise, but blogging will be light. Yes, even lighter than it has been lately. Suppress those heartfelt groans of dismay, and concentrate instead on sending work-vibes my way. I am in the last month of my MA-TESOL, and I still have 4 papers to go. One a week, right?

*insane laughter*


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